Internationally recognised for food, wine and agriculture

South Australia is internationally recognised for the quality of its food, wine and agriculture through our iconic brands and premium quality products that can be found in households and on restaurant tables around the world.

Reaching revenue of $23 billion by 2030

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The Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector Plan will stimulate an ambitious growth agenda to contribute revenue of $23 billion by 2030 to the South Australian economy. Growth State aims to achieve an increase in Gross State Product (GSP) to an average annual rate of 3% per annum.

How we will grow

The largest export and manufacturing sector

Food, wine and agribusiness is the largest export and manufacturing sector in South Australia and one of the key pillars of the South Australian economy. It is the only major manufacturing sector in the state to show steady growth in employment and revenue over the past two decades. It is a resilient sector characterised by a culture of innovation, the adoption of new technologies and efficiency and productivity gains.

Our plan is supporting Growth State

Growth State is a partnership between the South Australian Government and industry to accelerate our economy through business expansion and innovation.