The Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector Plan is an industry-led strategy, developed by Primary Producers South Australia, the South Australian Wine Industry Association and Food South Australia in partnership with the Government of South Australia.

Food, wine and agribusiness is a large and diverse sector covering primary production (grains, dairy, horticulture, livestock, viticulture, fishing, aquaculture and forestry), and processing of these products into food and beverages, wine and fibre. Primary production is a key economic contributor to our regional economies and the vibrancy of regional communities.

What is the Plan for growth?

The Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector Plan will stimulate an ambitious growth agenda to contribute revenues of $23 billion by 2030 to the South Australian economy. Growth State aims to achieve an increase in Gross State Product (GSP) to an average annual rate of 3% per annum.

This will be achieved through:

  • Productivity and innovation especially the adoption of new agricultural technologies
  • Increasing processing and manufacturing
  • Growing business capacity and expanding the skilled workforce
  • Improving digital and supply chain infrastructure
  • Creating new market opportunities and expanding market access
  • Ensuring sustainable access to resources and encouraging clean, smart production
  • Growing the operating environment through collaboration and cost reduction.

The Plan identifies six key priorities:

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Download the Food, Wine and Agribusiness Plan for Growth

What the Plan aims to do

The plan aims to:

  • Provide direction and focus for industry and government on areas of potential growth
  • Bring together the food, wine and agribusiness sector to focus on common opportunities
  • Build on existing industry plans and blueprints that are already developed or underway
  • Demonstrate the importance of food, wine and agribusiness in South Australia and its significance as a major export sector
  • Seek future opportunities for growth and innovation.

How the Plan was created

This Food, Wine and Agribusiness Plan is led by industry partners and has brought together some of the common themes included in a number of existing Food, Wine and Agribusiness industry sub-sector plans and blueprints as well as opportunities identified through the Growth State consultation process.

Industry plans

Discussion paper

PIRSA has worked with peak industry bodies: Primary Producers SA, Food South Australia and the South Australian Wine Industry Association to develop a Food, Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper. This paper sets the scene on the sector as a whole and its contribution to the South Australian economy.

Read the Growth State Food Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper (PDF, 2.7 MB).

Public consultation

The public consultation process  for the Food, Wine and Agribusiness Discussion Paper took place during late 2019. This consultation formed the first step in the development of a whole of sector plan for these industries. During this process, a wide range of stakeholders from across the State had the opportunity to share their views.

Summaries have been prepared reflecting the key themes and feedback raised during these processes.