The Food, Wine and Agribusiness Growth Sector Plan is owned jointly by partners Primary Producers SA (PPSA), Food South Australia (Food SA), the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) and the South Australian Government.

Joint collaboration and leadership between the partners, and their respective stakeholders will be required for this plan to be a success.

Food SA, PPSA, SAWIA, along with the Department of Primary Industries and Regions and the Department for Trade and Investment will form the Steering Committee responsible for driving the Sector Plan.


In implementing the Sector Plan, the Steering Committee will engage across government, key industry groups, universities and other relevant organisations to determine alignment with government and industry targets and objectives, and seek input and support for how industry and government can collectively contribute to implementing the Sector Plan and achieving the growth target. Some early priority actions have been identified to contribute to the Growth State target. The Steering Committee will continue to identify actions and areas of focus that will provide the maximum benefit to the South Australian economy.

An implementation plan will be developed to identify and outline growth opportunities and activities (including programs, projects and policy initiatives and actions identified through government and industry plans and blueprints) underway to deliver on the key areas identified through this Sector Plan and how they are contributing to the growth target.

Updates will be made to the Sector Plan and implementation plan as this work progresses and new opportunities arise.

The Steering Committee will oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Sector Plan an the implementation plan. Their role will include:

  • In the immediate term, assessing the impacts of COVID-19 and developing actions to respond
  • Leading a collaborative approach by all stakeholders to progress the actions identified through the Sector Plan
  • Identifying new opportunities arising from industry plans or blueprints that could contribute to economic growth and should be incorporated into the plan
  • Identifying and overcoming limiting factors to success
  • Oversight of the implementation plan
  • Developing an annual report card documenting progress
  • Establish technical advisory groups to provide advice and facilitate delivery of priority projects.

To communicate with our stakeholders, we will develop a common webpage including progress dashboards, toolkit materials, case studies and project links to enable real time reporting, in a practical and meaningful way.

Discover current initiatives and growth opportunities identified to contribute to the growth target.


Reviews of the Sector Plan and implementation plan by the Steering Committee will take place on an annual basis. New issues and actions identified through industry strategies and blueprints, and feedback from stakeholders will be considered during these reviews.