South Australia is a leading producer of temperate horticulture products including almonds and citrus that can be found in households and on restaurant tables around the world within hours of harvest. Eighty per cent of Australia’s fresh washed potatoes are produced in South Australia.

We have an ideal horticultural environment with diverse microclimates – from high rainfall cool climates to warm, dry regions – pristine water sources, clean rich soils and abundant sunlight. This means we can produce a vast range of fruit, vegetable and nut crops.

South Australian producers have a long history of leadership in efficient irrigation technologies and management that ensures sustainable use of our water resources, in particular the Murray River, our underground aquifers and recycled water.

South Australian horticulture is characterised by a high degree of increased value creation through innovative production and processing.

Home to the largest climate controlled glasshouse in the southern hemisphere, we are now leading technological advances in large-scale temperature-controlled vegetable growing in Australia.

Rigorous and highly responsive biosecurity systems makes South Australia the only mainland state in Australia that is fruit fly and phylloxera free.

South Australia is home to the National Sterile Insect Technology Facility, playing a nationally significant role in the control of fruit fly and our State’s fruit fly free status.

Our horticulture industry is globally recognised in research, education and development – including at the Waite Research Precinct and Loxton Research Centre. South Australia is also home to the Australian Almond Centre of Excellence.

South Australia’s central location makes it an industry hub for the nation’s road, rail, sea and air networks and ideally placed for export produce to quickly reach key markets including Japan, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany and the USA.

Marketing toolkit for the horticulture industry

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