South Australia is internationally recognised for the quality of its food, wine and agriculture.

What makes South Australia so competitive in global markets?

We have a strong rural economy with each region focusing on its unique point of difference. From the vast pastoral areas that grow grass fed beef and wool to the intensive horticultural, cropping and wine districts and regional seafood centres, we have a reputation for premium quality produce.

These characteristics are supported by rigorous and defensible assurance standards and credentials.

South Australia enjoys a clean natural environment, encompassing diverse microclimates and clean rich soils, pristine water sources, abundant sunlight and green pastures.

Enhancing our reputation for innovation and technology expertise, South Australia is home to a number of globally recognised education, research and development institutions.

Our state is also protected by legislation supporting South Australia’s primary production and clean environment, including well established natural resource management, biosecurity and comprehensive food safety and quality assurance standards.

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