Current initiatives

Mobile Blackspot Funding

$10 million mobile black spot fund to improve regional connectivity.

Objective: Improved mobile phone coverage across regional South Australia.

Schools With internet Fibre Technology

$130 million investment through the Schools With internet Fibre Technology (SWiFT) internet program to provide schools and preschools access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

Objective: Connect over 99% of public schools in South Australia to high-speed fibre optic cable.

Recycled Water to the Barossa and Eden Valley

Extension of Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme to provide recycled water to Barossa and Eden Valley to meet increased demand from wine grape growers for water security and expand wine grapevine plantings.

Objective: $292 million per year in economic uplift and up to 1,000 new jobs created.

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Recycled water to drive horticulture expansion in Northern Adelaide

Working with industry and Government to accelerate uptake of water now available within Northern Adelaide.

Objective: $1 billion new investment worth, $100s million increase in annual production, 1,000s new jobs generated.

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Improved road infrastructure

$1.1 billion investment in new road infrastructure and road upgrades, along with improved regulation, to increase access of higher productivity vehicles and allow safer and more efficient freight movements.

Objective: Increased productivity of road transport to reduce the cost of getting food, wine and agribusiness products to market.

Future growth opportunities

Increasing Supply of Cattle

Opportunity: International demand for Australian beef continues to grow, especially in the Chinese consumer market. SA lacks both cattle supply and processing capacity to meet the requirements of this important export industry.

Action: Increase cattle supply from South-West Queensland and improve access by sealing the Strzelecki Track. Local processor Thomas Foods International is also investing in new processing infrastructure and supply chains.


  • 70,000 cattle processed each year
  • $70 million total per annum
  • $100 million total feedlotting and finishing.