Current initiatives

Accelerating development and adoption of AgTech Solutions

Establishment of an AgTech Advisory Group, demonstration farms and development of an AgTech Strategic Plan for South Australia.

Objective: Potential annual agricultural production increase of $1.8 billion by 2025.

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Expansion of meat processing capacity

$14 million investment (split 50:50 between Australian and South Australian governments) in infrastructure to support Thomas Foods International’s investment to rebuild a state of the art meat processing facility at Murray Bridge and facilitating new investments, such as Pirie Meats in the Mid North.

Objective: New meat processing facility will employ up to 2,000 staff and will use higher productivity freight vehicles to serve the site’s transport requirements.

Pulse cooperative research centre

$1.2 million over three years to undertake advanced breeding and food technology to expand pulse breeding to increase South Australia’s share of growth in the global pulse market.

Objective: Additional $40 million per year in farm gate production and a contribution of $17 million to GSP.

Developing the oat industry value add proposition

$1.8 million over four years to undertake advanced breeding based on quality traits to increase the value of the oat industry in South Australia.

Objective: Increase annual value of farm gate production (from $12 million, 5 year average) and annual exports of grain products (from $8.6 million, 5 year average).

Expansion of Aquaculture Zones

Expansion of aquaculture zones on the Eyre Peninsula by releasing more than 6,500 hectares of unallocated water for aquaculture production.

Objective: Increased aquaculture investment and production.

Seaweed for Livestock Feed

Research and development to test initial production systems and enable research for seaweed as a feed supplement to convert biological methane production into meat and milk production, thus reducing cattle emissions, creating new export opportunities to foreign markets with livestock emission limits.

Objective: Development of a new seaweed industry in South Australia.

Regional Growth Fund

$150 million over ten years to support regional South Australia as part of the Recharging Our Regions policy.


  • unlock new economic activity in our regions
  • deliver critical economic infrastructure to create direct benefit across regional industries
  • strengthen regional communities.

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Future growth opportunities

Seaweed to reduce livestock emissions

Development of a collaborative industry government strategy to explore large scale processing and production of seaweed-based feed supplements opportunities.


  • $140 million commercial production per year (est)
  • $250 million processing revenue
  • 1200 jobs generated.

Increase dairy production

Opportunity: Improving the long-term viability of the dairy industry through an increase of 200 million litres of milk per year.

Action: Investment in increased productivity through processing improvements, premiumisation and developing value added export products.


  • $70 million increase in production
  • $46 million total processing
  • $100 million total exports.