Productive infrastructure will drive the expansion of existing industries and unlock new opportunities in the industries of the future. Fit for purpose infrastructure is essential for the efficient delivery of the inputs of production and for delivering products to market. The transport network and supply chain, water, electricity, gas and our digital infrastructure are vital for primary production and processing and all impact on the cost competitiveness of our industries and regions.

Improve digital connectivity (including cyber security) and mobile phone coverage

Strong digital connectivity is essential for modern business, to have ready access to market and business information to inform decisions and to enable the implementation of AgTech and smart technology solutions that can drive future productivity.

Strengthen supply chains and transport networks

The quality of infrastructure is critical in providing efficient access to markets for goods and services produced in South Australia and sold around the world. Road transport efficiency and strategic maintenance of our transport network is critical to productivity of the sector. Efficient domestic supply chains and strong global connections provide the platform for a more globally competitive South Australia.

Improve regional infrastructure to support growth

Cost-effective gas, water and electricity for businesses are important factors for growth and competitiveness. Having appropriate, quality and affordable accommodation and social infrastructure in place is critical to attracting and retaining a regional workforce.

How it will be measured

  • Digital Connectivity (Regional Competitiveness)
  • Supply Chain Competitiveness
  • Regional Competitiveness Index

Activities to grow infrastructure

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow infrastructure.