Increasing our sector’s connection to markets, its competitiveness, productivity and readiness for investment is essential to realising our export opportunities and maintaining our current markets – locally and globally. To realise our market opportunity, the sector needs to be market driven and be ready to meet the increasing expectations of the world’s consumers. Success will also be contingent on building our brand and maintaining our strong biosecurity credentials, market access protocols and free trade agreements.

Develop market opportunities and create new products

Developing new and existing markets, as well diversification and managing key risks will be an important pathway for growth. Additionally there are a range of new and diversified market opportunities linked to the Food, Wine and Agribusiness sectors including carbon markets, ecosystem services and food and wine related tourism. Export market development is critical to future growth, and collaboration has the opportunity to lift the profile of South Australian produce and improve investment returns of international activities. Key to this will be utilising market intelligence to develop new market channels, investing to create new and higher value products targeted to local, interstate and overseas customers.

Improve market access

Improving and maintaining our technical market access, through our food safety standards, traceability and integrity systems, and building expertise in export processes and market requirements will enable South Australia to access new and existing export opportunities, ensuring the State is a preferred supplier of food, wine and agribusiness products. New Free Trade Agreements and developing economies create new export opportunities.

Promote our state and premium products

Consumers’ heightened expectations and decision making based on environmental, food safety, supply chain transparency and ethical considerations are opportunities. However, they also represent a risk that requires us to maintain and strengthen the systems that we have in place to underpin our reputation and provide access to our interstate and international markets – including integrity systems, traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

How it will be measured

  • Exports Value International Trade of Goods and Services (ABS)

Activities to grow markets

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow markets.