For future growth and competitiveness, it is essential that we have the right people with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time. This includes the people running the businesses and the employees, right through the entire supply chain. Addressing challenges around our ageing workforce and succession planning will also be key to ensuring our sector is sustainable into the future.

Improve business capacity and capability

Strong financial management supports improved access to finance and investment and assists in business succession planning. Good business management skills are required to manage the diverse challenges facing the sector including risks, changing markets and the ongoing need for innovation.

Support workforce growth and development of skills through fit for purpose training and education

Access to a suitable workforce is critical to the ability of businesses to operate and expand. Education and training approaches must meet and be responsive to industry needs. Availability of suitably skilled and unskilled workers and access to relevant training in regional locations are key factors in developing the workforce.

Promote career opportunities

Ensuring that career pathways in our sector and regions are well articulated and communicated will help attract people to the varied and diverse opportunities available and support workforce growth and development.

How it will be measured

  • Profitability (RISE GOS)
  • Employment Wage Price Index (ABS)

Activities to grow people

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow people.