Building our local manufacturing capacity, increasing efficiency, adopting new technologies and value adding through local processing will boost productivity and competitiveness.

Increase local processing and improve efficiencies

Increasing processing efficiency in manufacturing systems and building our existing manufacturing capability and capacity represents a clear opportunity for growth and increased competitiveness. Development of new and higher value products also presents future opportunities to grow the sector.

Drive AgTech adoption

Adoption of existing AgTech solutions has the potential to provide an estimated $2 billion value in primary production in South Australia. AgTech includes innovation and technologies used to improve the productivity, efficiency, sustainability and quality of primary production.

Enhance research, development, technology and innovation

Research and development is required for new technologies and systems that will support efficient production, drive current and emerging market requirements and to address the future threats and challenges faced by businesses. Industry adoption of these systems and technologies are equally as important. High-value food manufacturing and new product development relies on innovation and the adoption of advanced technologies.

Add value through the supply chain

Producing higher value products and value adding through local processing represent clear opportunities for growth and increased competitiveness in the sector.

How it will be measured

Activities to grow productivity

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow productivity.