South Australia’s natural environment is one of our strengths, but to enable future growth these resources need to continue to be managed sustainably and used efficiently now and into the future. Primary producers take an active stewardship role - managing and relying on much of the State’s land, water and marine resources in line with consumers and community expectations. Extreme weather events and changes to the climate present real challenges for primary producers.

Increase sustainable access to limited natural resources

Limited access to fresh water, suitable land and aquatic resources limits production expansion in a number of our sectors. Effective management of existing resources, as well as providing access to new and different resources, through new infrastructure and management can provide new opportunities to increase production and drive higher value production.

Encourage increased access and use of recycled resources

Improved access to new and different resources such as recycled water will provide opportunities for businesses to increase their production to meet growing global demand for South Australian products and produce.

Protect resources from biosecurity threats and pest animals

South Australia’s freedom from many global pests and diseases, such as fruit fly and phylloxera, support continued market access and efficient production. Being vigilant on any new exotic pests is important to protect our resources and ensure confidence in our production, as well as managing pest animals and over-abundant native animals.

Minimising costs and environmental impacts

Implementing production and processing techniques that minimise costs and environmental impacts drive business benefits.

How it will be measured

  • Value of Biosecurity
  • State of the Environment (water, land, ocean)

Activities to grow sustainability

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow sustainability.