Cumulative regulatory burdens as well as the complexity and responsiveness of our regulatory processes and systems are key concerns of business. Rising costs of doing business continue to impact on the ability of producers and processors to remain cost competitive. Government and industry collaboration is vital to reform and simplify our legislative framework and to ensure that new regulation is clear in its policy aims and cost effective, particularly in any new costs to businesses. Businesses also need to seek out cost effective practices and processes to drive efficiency and unlock growth potential.

Nurture collaboration and co-investment

In order to ensure future growth and productivity, the Food, Wine and Agribusiness sectors should continue to collaborate and form partnerships with universities, research and development corporations, government, national and state industry bodies, other industry sectors and the community. This will facilitate learning and utilization of technologies and expertise from other sectors, as well as sharing of success and failure stories across sectors and regions for improved business decision-making.

Deliver smart regulation

While our regulatory environment underpins our reputation as a safe and high quality producer, our regulatory and policy settings must be responsive, flexible and innovative. Reducing regulatory duplication and unnecessary complexity, coupled with providing clarity around regulatory processes and requirements will also ensure our sector spends less time and money on compliance.

Minimise business costs and administrative burdens

A competitive business environment is required for food, wine and agribusiness to compete nationally and internationally. Managing costs are essential for business competitiveness, profitability and for businesses to have the confidence to invest for future growth.

How it will be measured

  • Global Competitiveness Index Rankings

Activities to grow the operating environment

Discover the current initiatives being delivered across industry and government and the new growth opportunities identified for immediate focus to grow the operating environment.